Cinematic Scores

Listen to Blueberg’s latest cinematic track Gone With Pleasure (Free Download):

Beside of all the electronic, rock, pop and advertisement productions, Blueberg is continuing to expand.

Giving life to one of the latest Blueberg projects, the cinematic section of the german music duo is tremendously huge. Seen more like a just for fun thing, cinematic songs of all kinds appear on the list of Blueberg productions. Whether it is a composition played by traditional music instruments, an asian orchestra consisting of Daruan and Gushing, time part, electronic strings, atmospheric productions or entire deep dark electronic motion tracks – Blueberg got it all.

Treating this area of Blueberg more like an ancillary effect of all the other styles which comes along with, the german musicians are always open for more serious action in working with different video artists or movie directors.

Some of the most recent releases, all free to download: