Advertising Music

Despite the fact that advertisements take a major part of our daily life, there is a huge demand for audio productions for TV spots, internet clips and exhibitions.

Since Blueberg established an affiliate network in Germany and its industry, the focus is absolutely clear. Working together with Tim “the composer” Nowack when it comes to movie and advertisement productions is a huge honour for the multi-talented musicians. He and his company Score Concept connected Blueberg with some of the biggest names in the industry and they work together very closely to deliver premium quality advertising music.

Having access to an entire selection of different musicians, whether it is a fully staged punk rock band or a symphonic orchestra, enables the partners to achieve the high standard required in the advertising industry. Working together with the crème de la crème of international studio musicians keeps the work challenging but simultaneously interesting and creative.




So far Tim Nowack and Blueberg have worked on advertising music for big automobile, telecommunication and cleaning companies. Though the resulting clips must not be linked due to legal restrictions, their work is for sure an enrichment for the advertising department.

The pressure and short amount of time are factors that come along with productions for the companies Blueberg has worked with. But it can be a huge pleasure to see the own music nuances on TV.