“Blueberg is more than just music. It is a synonym for the diversity and constructiveness in music and sound design.”

Formed in 2012, the curtain opened for a project founded by two young entrepreneurs from Stuttgart in Germany.
The mission: To establish an entire network between a broad range of music genres in terms of production, composition and artist branding. The name: Blueberg.
Despite the overwhelming onslaught toward the digital music industry, Blueberg keeps pushing forward with innovative productions focussed on all realms of the music department.
Film scores, sound design, music productions in electronic and acoustic genres, band productions, advertisement productions and more; Blueberg continuously succeeds in more than just one specialization of music.

Beside prosperous advertisement publications for big automobile, telecommunication, cleaning companies and many more, Blueberg’s area of actions reach to the far end of EDM sales together with names likes Above & Beyond, Faux Tales, Johan Vilborg, Lost Witness and a lot of other renown artists.
By comparison to the short amount of time they’ve come upon in the past, it is a phenomenon that Blueberg reached a reputation that they continue to enlarge to all kinds of known and unknown areas in music and sound industry.

“With any achievement and every oeuvre we succeed to publish, it’s like our world moves forward.”

“To combine the innovative sound and art design of our knowledge in electronic music with the unbelievable natural beauty of traditional compositions and instruments is the evidence for ourselves that we can and will proceed in that large range of music.”

Maintaining the quality of their productions is an obligation and a matter of course of Blueberg Music. It doesn’t matter if it is an 83 man orchestra or a short 30 seconds EDM buster for an advertisement project, the effort and focus applied to the productivity and creativity is based on 120%.
Every project, every production seems like a balancing act between creativity and the economic high status that Blueberg proceeds to create. To not lose the individual character of Blueberg Music in so many different genres and to create a fresh, new-thinking ideology is surely not simple responsibility. But it is absolutely worth it to work for every single second on all projects that they’ve done in the past and they will do in future.

“Every single production of ourselves tells a story. The combination of several or all of our work we’ve done in the past and we will do in future is a musical book full of tales that are just a small part of an even bigger story.”